TrigoldCrystal reveals its next generation of products

Nia Williams

November 17, 2011

Brokers attending the event are being shown upgrades and new features across all TrigoldCrystal’s main product areas including Prospector, Momentum, and Web Tools.

Prospector Version 9 features an extensive upgrade to the main client screen of Prospector following a project undertaken directly with users. The result is that the sourcing process is faster and the results are analysed more easily according to the company.

New to the Web Tools product line is a new ‘Premium’ Website option which includes mortgage sourcing and best buys as standard, as well as comparison quotes for protection, household insurance, conveyancing, secured loans and overseas mortgages.

The Premium product is designed to be a far more functional than what most basic adviser websites already offer and can act as a stand-alone income generator for the firm on a 24/7 basis according to TrigoldCrystal.

Momentum Version 6 has also been launched with an integrated online mortgage sourcing portal which allows users the flexibility to log in to Momentum and source mortgages anywhere they have an internet connection.

David Thompson, sales and marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, said: “2011 has been a momentous year in the development of TrigoldCrystal; indeed it has probably been the greatest level of product investment in our history.

“We have put in a huge amount of work and it is great to meet our clients face-to-face to show them the results of this effort.

“We appreciate having the opportunity to let our clients know more about our other new services including Website Design, additions to the Web Tools suite, and more 3rd party integrations and we have similar big plans for 2012.”

And if you’re visiting the show today, don’t forget to come and see us!

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