TrigoldCrystal solution for MoneyWorkout

Nia Williams

February 3, 2010

TrigoldCrystal CRM is a sales and administration system allowing total management and reporting on the sales cycle from leads, thru sales and administration to ongoing client reviews. It is now integrated into the Prospector system.

Stuart Mahoney, head of marketing at Money Workout, commented, “The benefits of a complete solution were obvious to us – but the efficiency, effectiveness and speed to deploy TrigoldCrystal CRM was exceptional. The benefits to our sales and relationship management processes became apparent very quickly. Our people find the tools and work flow intuitive and quickly adapted to the system at launch. But such a tool is only as good as the support that comes with it, and I am please to say response to support, help and even developmental requests have been outstanding.”

David Aylmer, marketing director at TrigoldCrystal, added: “We are very proud of our new CRM product built on the Momentum technology platform and are looking forward to signing up many more advisers who require a total end to end sales and administration system.”

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