TrigoldCrystral offers free training

Nia Williams

January 25, 2010

TrigoldCrystal has just announced a series of training sessions to take place in its London offices to focus exclusively on getting the most from the sourcing system, Prospector and an introduction to how CRM can help an adviser’s business.

At the launch of the new initiative David Aylmer said: “With 7 out of 10 mortgage brokers using Prospector and increasing numbers of brokers and networks using our CRM solution we always try to go the extra mile when it comes to providing quality training.

“We have recently launched a new support centre online with access to videos, downloads, online training. Our Business Academy Events travel around the country to help our clients diversify their businesses and meet experts in a number of product areas. This new addition to the business academy helps us bridge the gap between these events and our online training and perfectly suits those who prefer to speak to our trainers face to face. Please go to for more information and to book a place.”

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