Trussle: 95% LTVs account for 1% of mortgages in July

Jake Carter

August 26, 2021

95 ltv Mortgage Guarantee

An estimated 1% of all Trussle’s completions in July were 95% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages, according to the online mortgage broker.

There are currently 49 lenders offering 95% LTV mortgages, and the number has steadily been increasing since March this year.

However, while the number of lenders has increased, the number of actual deals remains well below 2019 rates. In July, there were 372 deals on the market, compared with a peak of 949 in November 2019.

While Trussle has seen a large number of enquiries around 95% mortgage deals, peaking at 26% of all new mortgage enquiries in March, few have been successful in their application.

Trussle’s found that 60% of all leads for 95% mortgages were first-time buyers, with next-time buyers (34%) and remortgages (6%) making up the rest.

Miles Robinson, head of mortgages at Trussle, said: “The return of 95% mortgages earlier this year was greeted with much anticipation.

“With greater application scrutiny and soaring house prices, first time buyers were facing a challenging market and these high LTV deals are crucial to ensuring home ownership remains an accessible dream for all.

“There is clearly an appetite for high LTV mortgages, as we have seen significant demand for 90% LTV deals, however, after making a real comeback in March it is disappointing that 95% deals are failing to make the difference we hoped to see.”

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