Trussle campaigns to fix ‘broken mortgage system’

Michael Lloyd

April 18, 2019

Online mortgage broker Trussle, has hosted a march in London to demonstrate the unfairness of the mortgage system and barriers facing homeowners today, calling for them to homeowners to get the best deals.

Fed up with the what it calls a ‘broken mortgage system and inaccessibility of the housing market’, Trussle has launched a manifesto which seeks to champion homeowners over the big banks.

Ishaan Malhi, chief executive and founder of Trussle, said: “The current mortgage system is broken and not working to a standard that’s fair for all. Many people are shut out of mortgages, including the young, the old, the self-employed and those on low-income.

“We want to fix that. We stand for homeowners and our new manifesto cements our position in the fight for fairer mortgages.

“In hosting our digital and real-life march, we’ll bring to light the significant number of homeowners currently under-served and mistreated by the mortgage market. We’ll be working closely with government and industry leads to solve issues in the mortgage industry once and for all.”

In conjunction, Trussle has launched a ‘digital march’ across their website and social channels – calling on prospective and current homeowners to sign-up and join a virtual demonstration against the current unfair mortgage industry.

On signing up, participants will be able to create an avatar of themselves and using real-time tracking of the sign-up figures. Trussle said it will work with government to fix the system once and for all.

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