TSB revamps resi range

Michael Lloyd

December 6, 2019

TSB has made changes to its residential range including reducing rates for purchases.

For 2-year fixed rates between 85% and 90% LTV, there has been a rate cut on two products by 0.20%.

There is now a 2.14% mortgage which comes with a £995 fee and a 2.29% deal that comes with no fee.

Within the same 2-year fixed purchase range, two mortgages between 90% LTV and 95% LTV have seen their rates drop.

There is a 2.89% product that comes with a £995 fee and a 3.04% mortgage without a fee.

Two 3-year fixes between 85% LTV and 90% LTV have been reduced by 0.10%, with a 2.29% product with a £995 fee and a fee-free 2.34% deal.

Between 90% and 95% LTV on the 3-year fixed range, there is now a 3.09% mortgage with a £995 fee and a 3.24% deal without a fee.

The 5-year fixed range saw similar rate cuts of 0.10% for products between 85% and 90% LTV and 0.05% for 90% to 95% LTV deals.

For remortgages TSB has increased the rate by 0.05% for a 5-year fix up to 60% LTV to reach 1.54%.

This comes with a £995 product fee.

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