TSB unveils 5-year remortgage product

Michael Lloyd

October 11, 2019

TSB has launched a 5-year fixed remortgage product.

Available up to 60% LTV, the mortgage is priced at 1.49% and comes with a £1,495 product fee.

There is a choice of free legals or £300 cashback.

Nick Smith, head of mortgages at TSB, said: “The mortgage market is currently very competitive as borrowers come off existing fixed rate deals.

“Due to an increase in demand for longer-term fixed rate products, particularly at the lower LTV end of the spectrum, we have introduced this new 5-year remortgage deal.

“We expect it to be very popular.”

The lender has also increased rates for 5-year fixed rate mortgages for purchases.

There is a 2.49% deal which comes with a £999 product fee and a 2.54% mortgage which has no fee.

Both mortgages are available from 85% to 90% LTV.

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