Tuscan Capital confirms Ed Parsons as CFO

Ryan Bembridge

May 16, 2018

Tuscan Capital has hired a chief financial officer in Ed Parsons.

Parsons (pictured) was a co-founder of the business but for contractual business can only now be confirmed.

He previously formed and structured the funding lines for Omni Capital, now Fortwell Capital, while he joins from Candy & Candy were he was also CFO.

Parsons said: “Whilst well-supplied with reputable lenders, bridging continues to offer excellent opportunities for new providers willing and able to take the right approach to risk.

“Having helped launch and grow one successful lender eight years ago, I and fellow co-founder of Tuscan Capital, Colin Sanders, judged there was spare capacity in the sector to accommodate another entrant capable of serving the specific needs of brokers.

“As CFO, I will be taking a hands-on approach and won’t be afraid of getting involved in tasks not usually associated with the role. In particular, I want to give Colin and the first-rate team we’re building all necessary support to allow the business to expand proportionately and sustainably.

“One of my priorities in this regard is to secure an additional funding line to help meet the enthusiastic response we’ve received from brokers and introducers.”

Colin Sanders, chief executive of Tuscan Capital, added: “Ed and I worked closely together at Omni to turn it into one of the sector’s best-known names.

“Whilst certainly good with numbers and commendably careful with the company’s treasure, he’s a far cry from the usual ‘accountant’ stereotype.

“With an astute commercial flair and ability to look at the bigger picture, I couldn’t ask for a better senior partner to help us take Tuscan Capital forward.”

Sanders is looking to add to the lender’s sales and credit risk teams.

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