Twenty7Tec integrates with WhenFresh

Jake Carter

May 18, 2021

Rex proptech lenders platform

Twenty7Tec has integrated with WhenFresh, a provider of aggregated property data solutions.

This partnership will enable users of CloudTwenty7 to access property attribute data and valuations as part of the mortgage sourcing journey.

WhenFresh brings together more than 200 proprietary, private and public datasets in one place.

Property data from WhenFresh can now be automatically populated into the CloudTwenty7 platform.

The data available includes property type, property style, property tenure, years left on lease, presence of flying freehold, number of floors, wall construction, roof construction, age of property and a property valuation range.

Phil Bailey, sales director at Twenty7Tec, said: “Advisers will find that this solution means that they are instantly able to access key data about a property, helping them quickly select the most appropriate lender for their client.

“The valuation ranges provided by WhenFresh will also support advisers in understanding how realistic their clients are being on their assumed valuation, what the likely LTV for that loan is going to be and provide a strong indication of the extent to which the case is likely to pass easily via an AVM, as opposed to being referred for a physical survey.”

James Tucker, chief executive of Twenty7Tec, added: “Our mission at Twenty7Tec is to make things easier for the customer, and for all others involved in the house buying process.

“This is a significant step forward in terms of making the process simpler, faster and more efficient.

“Advisers will no longer need to ask the customer for property details or estimated valuations as this will already be available to them inside our platform.

“In our experience, that time saved means advisers get to spend more time with their clients, giving them better, more tailored advice.”

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