Twenty7Tec rebrands

Michael Lloyd

November 25, 2019

Twenty7Tec has rebranded on its fifth anniversary.

Founder and chief executive James Tucker said with the rapid advancement of technology this is the most exciting period the mortgage industry has known.

Tucker said: “In the past five years we have become the number one technology brand in the mortgage industry, precisely because we have done things differently and next year, we are going to see further changes to take the industry to another level.

“Even when you think you are number one, even when the market is telling you that you are number one, you must always evolve, you must always strive for better, you must always innovate.

“This is us evolving, us doing better, being better. We’re about to embark upon the single most important year in the history of our company and I believe in the history of the mortgage industry since M Day in 2004.

“Technology is about to dramatically change this industry as we know it and we’ll be there to lead that change.”

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