Twenty7Tec forms strategic partnership with Meet Parker

Jake Carter

June 2, 2021

Dock9 Chatbots

Twenty7Tec has formed a strategic partnership with Meet Parker, which provides an augmented intelligence (AI) virtual assistant.

As a result of the partnership, the virtual assistant will be integrated into the CloudTwenty7 platform.

Parker is a customisable AI virtual assistant that aims to streamline the mortgage process by connecting customers, advisers and lenders; it can be deployed to field initial customer queries before connecting the customer with an adviser, or an adviser with a lender.

It can be used by lenders to field queries from advisers on areas such as eligibility and criteria, before putting an adviser in touch with a member of the lender’s sales support team.

As part of this strategic partnership, Twenty7Tec and Meet Parker will collaborate to build and deploy the virtual assistant at various different stages of the mortgage process – from upfront lead generation and nurturing, to use by lenders to communicate directly with advisers during both sourcing and pre and post application.

Phil Bailey, sales director for Twenty7Tec, said: “Following extensive research into augmented intelligence chatbots, we have formed a strong view that deep integration of this form of technology with platforms like CloudTwenty7 can deliver huge benefits to all participants in the value chain.”

“Meet Parker can help advisers nurture new business opportunities from current and new clients, as well as supporting lenders in managing inbound queries from advisers on lending policy and criteria.

“The opportunities for the application of this solution are significant, and we look forward to working with Freddie and the team to explore different ways that we can deploy this technology in our CloudTwenty7 platform.”

Freddie Savundra, founder of Meet Parker, added: “Twenty7tec offer a best of breed technology platform which solves some of the biggest pain points in the mortgage market.

“Our goal is to develop technology which is practical and enhances the mortgage process, we don’t want to be another tech product.

“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership and we are looking forward to deploying Parker with the team across CloudTwenty7.”

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