Tyser Greenwood Surveyors offers commercial EPCs

Nia Williams

July 21, 2010

As the Government takes steps to reduce carbon emissions and EU legislation becomes increasingly rigorous, all commercial and residential properties are required to provide prospective purchasers or tenants with an EPC. As a result, TGS have recognised the value in offering this service to their clients so that they can help minimise running costs and maximise efficiency.

Richard Kitt, managing director of Tyser Greenwood Surveyors, commented “So far, 2010 has been a year of growth and expansion for TGS and, as part of this, we are constantly evaluating our customers’ needs.

“The appointment of new surveyors to the TGS team enables us to offer both Level 3 and 4 CEAs (Commercial Energy Assessors) which has provided TGS with the platform to break into this important area of the market. The response so far has been positive and we are quoting alongside some of the major players in the industry.”

Level 3 relates to simple existing buildings with commonly occurring characteristics, whilst level 4 includes new and more complex existing buildings.

Since launching the service in late April, TGS have conducted a number of commercial EPCs on buildings ranging from warehouses and offices to pubs and post offices, with activity levels on an upward curve.

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