UK housing stock unsuitable for electric car switchover

Ryan Bembridge

August 1, 2018

Much of the UKs housing stock is currently unsuitable for the governments proposed changeover to electric cars in 2040, research from car buying comparison website Motorway.co.uk shows.

In London just 48.6% of properties for sale have off-street parking, meaning residents would have to drive to public charging points.

For people living in flats or terraced houses even those with a drive would need the freeholder’s permission to install charging points.

Alex Buttle, director of car buying comparison website Motorway.co.uk, said: “The physical shape of Britain’s housing stock could put a spanner in the works of the Government’s electric switch over plans. Although many car owners can expect to have access to on-street charging stations, there’s no guarantee there will be enough to go around.

“Most people will want the convenience of charging their car at home rather than having to walk to a main road to pick up their vehicle. Home charging is usually fine if you have a detached or semi-detached house with a driveway, but what about the millions of people who live in flats and terraced houses with no private, off-street parking?

“As the country moves closer to the 2040 government deadline proposed for a UK-wide diesel and petrol vehicle ban, the need for an electric car charging infrastructure becomes ever-more critical. We are talking about more than 30 million new power-hungry electric cars on the road by then if the switch over happens as expected.”

Other cities with a lack of off-street parking are Dundee (50.4%), Hastings (53.6%) and Portsmouth (55.9%).

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