UK Mortgages Abroad launch Spanish mortgage product

Amanda Jarvis

March 13, 2006

The mortgage can be taken for up to 30 years with no upper age limit and with no income proof required

The Spanish mortgage market is on the move once again with the introduction of new lending products. Here at UK Mortgages Abroad we have been providing mortgages for non-resident clients buying in Spain for over three years through our UK and Spanish offices. We have always prided ourselves on staying at the forefront of the Spanish market by working with our lenders to develop new products, thus enabling us achieve a sense of balance between the UK and Spanish Market.

For a long time now we have battled against the misleading claims of non-status/
self declaration mortgages being available. Until now the only way to obtain this type of mortgage has been to approach private lenders who base their criteria on equity and extortionate interest rates alone. We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect we are able to offer a Spanish mortgage up to 60 per cent LTV interest only at 3.9 per cent for up to 30 years with no upper age limit and with no income proof required. Coupled to this is the ability to repay 10 per cent per annum without penalty.

UK Mortgages Abroad feels this to be the best non-status product available for Spanish mortgages to non residents and the good news is that can be achieved with a reputable lender. This combined with our multilingual fast processing ability gives you the opportunity to place the cases that previously were impossible to provide.

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