The UK is the second most expensive country for student accommodation

Michael Lloyd

June 27, 2018

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The national amount spent weekly on rent in the UK is £165 ($212 USD), making the UK the second most expensive country for student accommodation after Australia ($255 USD), marketplace for student accommodation Student.com has found.

This was followed by and ahead of the US ($204). The least expensive countries were Singapore ($94), Spain ($136) and Canada ($159).

In UK cities students spend the most on their rent in London (£263), Oxford (£208) and Cambridge (£199), while students in Derby (£89), Sunderland (£93), Preston (£97) and Bradford (£97) spend the least.

Luke Nolan, founder and chief executive, Student.com, said: “Globally, students are becoming savvier when searching for and booking accommodation.

“They have greater access to information and resources, and are generally able to gain a quicker understanding of the options available to them in their study destination.

“In cities with a wide range of student housing options, we’re seeing an increasing number of providers becoming aware of the need to price competitively and consider offering additional incentives to students – from group discounts to cashback offers.”

In some cities, students are spending less on their rent compared to the previous year. For example, in London students spend an approximately £2 less a week than they did in the previous year.

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