UK’s problem debt hotspots revealed

Nia Williams

March 30, 2011

The charity looked at demand for its debt advice, the distribution of insolvency recommendations as well as levels of disposable income among people who sought its help to pinpoint problem debt clusters such as London and Northern Ireland.

According to CCCS statistics for 2010, London had the highest levels of demand for debt advice per population while Northern Ireland had the highest levels of bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) recommendations with London coming second for bankruptcy. London had the highest number of debt relief order (DRO) recommendations, a solution that is currently unavailable in Northern Ireland. London and Northern Ireland were the only two regions where CCCS clients, on average, didn’t have enough income to cover their living expenses.

Delroy Corinaldi, CCCS external affairs director, said: “Although anyone, whatever their background, age and location, can struggle with debt, there are parts of the country where people debt problems appear to be more intractable.

“These debt cluster areas such as London and Northern Ireland need special attention in terms of helping prevent people from falling into unmanageable debt but also ensuring that those living in these areas are aware of the free debt advice and support that is available to them. They also need to be made aware that, given CCCS’s capacity on its helpline and online debt counselling, there is no need for anyone to pay for debt advice.”

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