Unisys unveils mortgage and banking software ‘Elevate’

Ryan Bembridge

February 15, 2017

IT company Unisys has launched software supporting mortgage applications from origination to completion called Elevate.

The software enables customers to submit for a mortgage on multiple platforms such as mobiles and tablets with case tracking and without having to rekey any data.

As it stands 40% of the mortgage market uses Unisys and four lenders have shown interest in switching to the new Elevate system.

Homeownership isn’t the be-all and end-all

Adam Oldfield, EMEA financial services sales director at Unisys, said: “Our approach is you can start on the train, get home and continue your application.

“Previously we didn’t have an origination system going from submitting a European Standardised Information Sheet right through.”

The new system also integrates biometric security, something Unisys is known for from its work in the air industry. This includes voice, fingerprint and behavioural security.

With the latter example the system can detect whether the user is typing or swiping in an unusual way and flag up the anomaly.

The software platform can also be used for consumers to pay bills or transfer funds on the go as well as manage their mortgages.

Lenders can choose which elements of the Elevate software to integrate, while it can be added onto existing software.

Eric Hutto, senior vice president and president, Enterprise Solutions, Unisys, said: “Elevate will allow banks and building societies to deliver a secure, frictionless banking experience to their customers.

“People increasingly want to bank in a manner that fits with their lifestyle, so having a secure, integrated digital banking platform will increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty – by empowering today’s digital customer.”

Eric Crabtree, global head of Unisys Financial Services, said: “The challenge for many banks and building societies today is how to stay relevant and keep pace with the changing needs of customers.

“Additionally, the analytics engine behind Elevate can provide banks with opportunities for improving operational and sales efficiency, while our award-winning stealth security suite helps ensure that client applications and data are protected from threats.”

Elevate is launching in EMEA and Asia Pacific this quarter, and will be available in North, America and Latin America in the second quarter of 2017.

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