Unmortgage rebrands as Wayhome

Ryan Fowler

September 3, 2019


Unmortgage has rebranded as Wayhome as part of a brand refresh. 

Wayhome aims to help the current renters take their first steps on the housing ladder without a mortgage.

Those buying a property with Wayhome use a part-own part-rent no mortgage system which enables people to purchase as little as 5% of a property, debt free, and then rent the rest.

Hugh Boyle, CEO, Wayhome said: “Changing our name as the first step of our rebrand has been on the cards for nearly a year now, and we’re delighted to finally present Wayhome to the UK.

“There is a homeownership crisis across the country, with millions of aspiring homeowners feeling trapped in rented accommodation. At Wayhome, we fundamentally believe that if you can afford to rent, you should be able to buy.

“In conjunction with our partners at AllianzGI, with our purpose more clearly expressed, we’re looking forward to continuing our mission to help both new and existing applicants get nearer to their dream of homeownership.”

The rebrand follows a recent partnership with Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI) who will be raising funds from institutional clients such as pension funds, on behalf of Wayhome.

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