UTB launches digital security checks for mortgage customers

Jessica Bird

April 9, 2020

digital security app

United Trust bank (UTB) has launched a new digital security check process for first and second charge mortgage customers.

An update on the standard practice of completing security checks by telephone, UTB has introduced a digital, 24/7 process that uses its Nivo app.

Customers will be provided with a copy of the latest Mortgage Illustration, and asked to confirm specific details, as well as complete biometric ID verifications.

The process will be triggered by the UTB underwriting team towards the end of the underwriting process, just prior to the mortgage offer being issued.

Telephone security checks will continue to be available, but the digital approach will become UTB’s preferred method.

Buster Tolfree, commercial director, mortgages at UTB, said: “This latest innovation is another example of UTB embracing digital solutions to make it quicker and easier for brokers and their customers when arranging first and second charge mortgages with United Trust Bank.

“Many brokers are having to change their normal operational practices to adapt to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Moving more elements of our application process to digital alternatives helps us to maintain service levels with fewer staff in the office and whilst social distancing is restricting travel.

“However, the benefits of a slick, efficient processing system will continue when everyday life eventually returns to normal.

“As such we will continue to develop and refine our processes to make broker and customer journeys as smooth and simple as possible.”

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