Vernon Building Society unveils 5-year fixes

Mortgage Introducer

October 6, 2017

Vernon Building Society has launched three 5-year fixed rate mortgages – including a product at 4.15% to 95% loan-to-value with a £100 booking fee.

Also available are 5-year fixes at 3.25% to 90% LTV and 2.80% to 80% LTV, both with a booking fee of £100 and a £900 product fee.

Ian Keeling, Vernon’s director of sales and marketing, said: “Demand for longer-term fixed rate mortgages continues to grow as consumers seek to protect themselves against rises in interest rates.

“There’s so much uncertainty around Brexit negotiations and the noises from the Bank of England suggest a rate rise will be sooner rather than later so we expect funds allocated to this product to be taken quickly.”

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