Veyo campaign kicks off

Sarah Davidson

February 10, 2015

Veyo, a joint venture between The Law Society and IT company Mastek UK, will bring together the conveyancing processes, checks and documentation preparation onto one platform when it launches in spring.

Elliott Vigar, chief executive of Veyo, said: “Veyo will improve the transparency and speed of the home buying process in a trusted and secure environment.

“The response to our first high profile marketing initiative has made a great impact and we are excited to be promoting our USPs as we roll out our campaign.

“Since Veyo offers major advantages to conveyancers, estate agents, panel-managers, lenders and home-buyers we have designed a marketing campaign to reach all of these groups.

“Perimeter advertising at the Six Nations match broadcast on BBC1 offered a cost effective way of delivering that message.”

The online portal will enable homebuyers and estate agents to track the conveyancing progress of their sale or purchase, as well as the status of transactions in the entire property chain via the “Chain View” feature.

Veyo will also help professionals communicate with each other, clients and other parties and satisfy due diligence obligations more quickly.

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