Vida Homeloans launches educational campaign on specialisms

Michael Lloyd

September 16, 2019

Louisa Sedgwick - Vida - IMLA chair

Vida Homeloans has launched an educational campaign aimed at showcasing typical specialist customers.

The focus of customer will range from self-employed workers and entrepreneurs, to contractors with a short work history and expats.

The campaign entitled ‘Every mortgage tells a story’ aims to look beyond the surface of each application to find the best solution for each customer’s unique needs.

Louisa Sedgwick (pictured) director of sales, mortgages at Vida Homeloans, said: “Specialist lending is continuing to grow and has become an important part in the intermediary sector.

“With the high street lenders’ perception of a ‘perfect borrower’ becoming increasingly unrealistic, specialist lenders play a crucial role in helping turn generation rent into generation own by catering for those underserved by mainstream banks and building societies.

“Our ‘Every mortgage tells a story’ campaign has been launched to highlight that there is a real person, with a real story, behind every application.”

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