Vida widens buy-to-let expat criteria

Michael Lloyd

May 14, 2018


Vida Homeloans has widened its buy-to-let expat criteria and now lends to existing UK property owners working in FATF member countries around the world, including Australia, America and Canada.

The range is available up to 65% LTV outside the European EconomicArea (up to 75% LTV inside the EEA).

Maximum loan size is £1m. First-time landlords, HMOs and multi-unit blocks are all acceptable. In addition, spouses who are non-British citizens can be party to the mortgage and no minimum income is required.

Louisa Sedgwick, director of sales – mortgages, said: “We’ve been offering this extension to our buy-to-let expat range via selected key distributors over the past couple of months and we are now rolling the proposition out to the wider market in response to demand.

“Intermediaries have been telling us that our criteria-driven buy-to-let expat proposition – including niche criteria such as HMOs and MUBs and no minimum income requirements – is hard to beat.”

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