Holofy Spaces: Video tours provide “lifeline” to agents

Jake Carter

January 15, 2021

Video tours of available properties are providing a “lifeline” to agents during the third national lockdown, according to Holofy Spaces.

As well as saving time and reducing the need for complicated logistics during lockdown, the use of video tours can ensure the safety of all parties during the homemoving process, noted the app.

Labour leader Kier Starmer has called for viewings to be halted, noting that the country is in a ‘more serious position’ than in March 2020 when in-person viewings were prohibited.

Meanwhile, the Guild of Property Professionals has said that agents have a ‘moral obligation’ to use video viewings and only carry out physical appointments as a last resort.

Since then, an online petition has been launched calling for agent offices to be closed as staff feel forced and pressured into conducting viewings.

Holofy Spaces believes that it is likely coronavirus restrictions will be place for the foreseeable future and the government will therefore continue to advise that virtual and video viewings take place for quite some time yet.

Eduard Cristea, co-founder of Holofy Spaces, said: “The spotlight on the property market and physical viewings in particular has been ramping up in recent days as the rate of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

“Although in-person viewings can still take place, there is a chance they could be restricted soon so agents must make sure they have the processes in place to seamlessly switch to a completely virtual service.

“By prioritising video tours and protecting staff, agency owners can keep morale and productivity high during what is set to be a challenging few weeks.

“The importance and popularity of video tours means that they have become an instruction winner over the last year.

“Property sellers and landlords will want to know that agents have the infrastructure in place to meet changing consumer expectations and continue to market properties effectively in spite of any government restrictions.

“The best video tours software can help agents to list more properties quickly on the move, while also expanding their reach due to fewer logistical constraints.

“Thanks to this technology, agents can now offer a more efficient and seamless viewing process.

“The use of video tours can help to improve team morale and provide staff with more time to focus on managing clients rather than travelling to viewing appointments.”

“What’s more, by using physical viewings more sparingly, agents can increase their impact for when they are necessary to help an applicant make their final decision.”

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