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Five tips to beat robo advice

Robo advice is one of the latest threats to broker business, but it’s one that good brokers are well equipped to handle.

Technology used well makes our lives easier and simpler. For clients with straightforward finances and experience, it can help make getting a mortgage quick and painless.

Where technology doesn’t do so well is when life is complicated. For customers with a poor credit history, more complex employment or varied income, it’s less easy.

So the challenge for brokers is to get across to customers the value you bring over and above technology.

Here are Accord’s five tips to help you present yourself as the approachable expert your next client is looking for:

David Robinson, National Intermediary Sales Manager Recent research by Accenture for the CML found two-thirds of customers prefer to speak to an adviser about complex products. Business models combining the best of digital and human are likely to do well.  There’s a great opportunity for you to use technology to your advantage – as a way to diversify your business rather than considering it a threat.
Rob Savin, Senior Manager Digital Channels New technology empowers customers with the simplest research tool in the world – Google. If you’re not online then you’re invisible when customers start their research. There are many firms offering good quality help in this area, so make it a priority to be seen – get a website
Rich Bassinder, Social Media Manager Social Media is now a customer expectation as important as your website, but how should you use it? It’s about opening up customer conversations, listening and getting to the heart of what really matters to them. Social Media enables dialogue so you need to respond quickly, speaking with a human voice and giving people a reason to see you as a valuable part of their conversations
Marie O’Reilly, Accord Marketing Manager Whenever you’re writing to or for clients, keep your language, simple and friendly; that’s especially important online as well as in letters or emails. Write as you speak, so that you come across as someone they’d like to do business with.
Mark Taylor, Customer Propositions Manager People like to buy from people and organisations that they trust and that share the same values. So think about how you present yourself to potential clients.  Does everything you say and do consistently showcase your business in the best possible light, presenting the unique value you offer, to attract the clients you really want to acquire?


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