Tackling a challenging case?

Some cases may leave you scratching your head. Or you may be happy to deal with complex cases, but don’t know which lender to trust with them.

You need support from a lender that understand you and your client – one with the right products, knowledge and expertise. That’s where InterBay Commercial comes in.

As experts in bridging, commercial and buy-to-let lending, we have the flexibility and experience to find answers where others may struggle.

Through a combination of industry knowledge and common sense, we’ll work with you to find answers and alleviate the pressure of your challenging cases.

That’s because it’s our mission to make the complex simple.

We tackle the complex by offering:

· Flexible criteria, combined with manual underwriting

· A dedicated in-house bridging team

· Multiple securities on a single loan

· Options for mixed commercial portfolios

· Interest-only options

· Possible lending against investment value for HMO properties

· A team experienced with complex proposals and ownership structures

Could we help you place more business?

Every case is different. That’s why we approach each one with an open mind.

With the support of our sales, underwriting, completions and real estate teams, you’ll have the backing of a lender that not only understands the market, but who understands you.

From buy-to-let mortgages, to short-term bridging finance, we’ll work closely with you to find the best possible solution for your clients. Take a look at our criteria to see how it could help simplify your next complex case.

If you’re still eager to speak to someone, call our broker sales support team on 0345 878 7000 or use our BDM finder.

Together, we got this.

This is an advertorial on behalf of Interbay Commercial.

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