My view on the General Election

Payam Azadi

June 7, 2017

Payam Azadi is director of Niche Advice Limited

Both parties are not great options and have good and bad points. Ultimately whichever government is selected will be heavily restricted in many ways and half of the things promised will be watered down.

I think whatever happens the unelected hand that rules everything in this world will carry on with the agenda of making even more £££££. Do you really think it’s the politicians that really call the big shots? Yes they will allow small differences around tax and welfare but the real plundering is done behind the scenes.

Equity release industry buoyed by Nationwide’s arrival

Immigration will continue as it suits the corporations and help divide society even further. Let’s not forget why are Syrian and Libyan immigrants trying to come here now? Maybe it’s to do with the fact their homes have been blown up! Having said that I don’t blame the British population for wanting to control things. I myself have seen some areas in London change beyond belief and something really must get done to control immigration.

Speaking as a first generation immigrant I think if you come to a new county you have to integrate and respect the people and culture of that county or get out. No point taking advantage of the healthcare, education and legal rights for you and family and then do everything to undermine the very same society and people that gave you those things.

The gap between rich and poor will get larger and once the huge impacts of technology and globalisation really take effect society will be even more divided with everyone pointing figures at each other while government assets are stripped and sold off to the highest bidder.


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