Virgin One unveils redesign

Amanda Jarvis

February 1, 2002

The lender has conducted research and has made the details of the mortgage more accesible so that borrowers can use the internet to view the elements of their account separately, and also where they have been spending their salary.

Anthony Mullan, research and development director at Virgin One, said: “The new account is a routemap. It allows our customers to plan what they want to do over their lifetime and then shows them how to achieve it, something no other bank provides. Offset accounts, for example, do not allow you to plan, but are just a collection of products.

“While all-in-one banking is widely recognised as the best way to manage your money because of the all-round value it affords, our research has told us that it might not always be how people want to look at their money. They want one account with the visability of separate accounts.”

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