Vitality enters partnerships to reward people for healthier choices

Michael Lloyd

November 20, 2019

Health and life insurer Vitality has partnered with firms to enhance its Vitality Programme which rewards people for making healthier choices.

Vitality has partnered with American Express to launch the Vitality American Express Credit Card for its members to reward people who are physically active.

Vitality has also introduced a healthy food benefit, in partnership with Waitrose & Partners that will reward VitalityHealth and VitalityLife members with a cashback of up to 40% on food from the Waitrose Good Health range.

Neville Koopowitz, chief executive at Vitality, said: “Health and well-being sit at the very core of our business, and time and time again we have seen the power of incentives in driving positive behaviour change around encouraging people to change their behaviour by getting more physically active and making healthier choices.

“Working with American Express, Waitrose & Partners and all our other new partners, we are further embedding this behavioural economic model, driving and incentivising people to be more active.

“When members engage with the Vitality Programme, they benefit from better health, whilst at the same time society benefits from having a healthier population and the increased productivity that aligns with this.

“Our strategy of offering richer benefits to those members who hold multiple Vitality products, means we can deliver even more value to those who are physically active, and further deepens our conviction in the social purpose of the Vitality model to positively change society.”

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