Best rental location for self-isolation is Wales

Jessica Bird

April 9, 2020

Wales isolation

Research by Hamilton Fraser’s deposit replacement scheme, Ome, has found that Carmarthenshire, Powys and Pembrokeshire in Wales are the top three rental destinations for self-isolating.


The research looked at the estimated population per square kilometre of every region of the UK, alongside rental costs; this data was sourced from the Office for National Statistics and various government websites.

Carmarthenshire was found to have 79 people per kilometre and an average monthly rent of £458, Powys had 26 people per kilometre and a monthly rent of £462, and Pembrokeshire had 77 per kilometre and £471.

Next on the list were Fermanagh and Omagh, both in Northern Ireland, both with 41 people per square kilometre and an average rent of £482 per month.

Dumfries and Galloway topped of the list in Scotland, each with a rent of £490 per month and just 23 people per kilometre.

In England, Copeland, East Lindsey and Allerdale are the best places to self-isolate, with average monthly rents ranging from £511 to £517, and between 79 and 93 people per square kilometre.

In London, in comparison, only three boroughs dipped below 3,000 people per square kilometre, with Bromley coming lowest at 2,207. The most affordable was havering at an average monthly rent of £1,169.

Matthew Hooker, co-founder of Ome, said: “The advice from the government is clear: stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

“The areas identified by our research have found the most affordable locations for successful self-isolation and minimal risk of bumping into the small minority of people still flouting the rules.

“Whilst our research is definitely more aspirational than realistic at this present time, it may however make for interesting reading for those thinking of moving once the lockdown and COVID-19 are a distant memory.

“However, for now we must continue to adhere to the government guidance and stay put!

“During an uncertain time, many tenants and landlords have become concerned over the flexibility currently afforded by the private rented sector.

“Cash flow is now more important than ever and the disruption to our everyday lives caused by the pandemic has highlighted, now more than ever, the need for market choice, transparency and support.

“As a provider of a deposit replacement scheme it is our responsibility to assist tenants, landlords and agents providing them with the freedom to adjust, adapt and overcome, but to ultimately come out stronger.”

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