Waller steps down at IPTF

Nia Williams

July 2, 2013

Peter Le Beau will become the sole chairman.

Waller explained, “Since IPTF was formed my business has become increasingly investment-focused and I no longer have the close contact I used to have with the IP market.

“The IPTF requires a chairman who is in day-to-day contact with the income protection market. For this reason, I feel it is sensible to let Peter Le Beau assume the chairmanship although I remain deeply committed to the goals and objectives of the Task Force.

“I am very proud of the spotlight we have been able to throw on what is still a sadly unsold product.”

Peter Le Beau commented, “Clive has done a monumental job during his time on the Task Force and has been a very wise counsel to me over the last eight years.

“He has a great passion for the product and a deep sense of treating consumers properly, which has been of immense value to the Task Force since it was formed. I hope he will be able to stay as part of the executive going forward.”

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