We work until Wednesday afternoon just to pay debts

Nia Williams

June 10, 2011

They then have the remainder of the working week to earn what they need to pay for their basic living costs including their mortgage.

The new figures from the charity, which was contacted by 418,000 people last year, highlight the pressure those who are trying to meet their living costs and tackle debts at the same time are under.

The average person contacting CCCS in 2010 owed a total of £22,476 on credit cards, personal loans, overdrafts and other types of unsecured debt – and faced a monthly bill of £675.52 just to meet their repayments. This figure made up a worrying 58% of the average CCCS client’s earnings of £1,173.23 a month after tax.

Delroy Corinaldi, external affairs director at CCCS, said: “With rising prices continuing to push up the cost of living, household budgets are under increasing pressure – and these figures show how difficult it can be to escape from debt once it builds up. Our advice to anyone struggling to cope with their repayments is to seek free advice as early as possible.”

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