Wesleyan to help economy grow

Nia Williams

January 9, 2013

In a study by international advisory firm Deloitte entitled ‘UK Futures: How businesses can lead a new era of wealth creation’ Wesleyan was selected as one of only 50 financial services providers in the 1,000 strong list of companies.

The report is billed as a study of companies that have defied the recession and demonstrated what UK businesses can achieve.

Wesleyan made the list due to its continued growth during the economic downturn which has included a 54% increase in new business sales from 2008 to 2011, the period of the recession.

Commenting on the report, Craig Errington, Wesleyan chief executive, said: “Wesleyan’s inclusion in the UK Futures list is a resounding endorsement of our business model. Our long term strategy of providing tailored financial products and services, as well as our mutual status, have served us well.

“It has given us clear direction of travel, delivered consistent growth over the period of the economic downturn and allowed us to steadily increase the number of staff, and we are on target to continue this in the years to come.

“We look forward to playing our part in the recovery of the UK economy.”

Wesleyan provides specialist financial advice and services to doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers.

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