West One Loans extends borrower exposure to £5m for BTL

Jake Carter

February 15, 2021

West One Loans’ buy-to-let division has extended its borrower exposure limit to £5m for those who meet W1 credit criteria requirements.

The previous borrower exposure limit was £1.5m, which will remain where applicant’s credit profile requires the W2, where some minor credit blips are permitted.

In addition, it will now consider licensed HMO properties with up to 10 bedrooms.

Furthermore, the lender’s current policy of accepting multi-unit freehold blocks up to 10 units remains in place.

Andrew Ferguson, managing director of West One Loans’ buy-to-let division, said: “These criteria enhancements are really great news at the moment, with so much focus on the buy-to-let market and the potential opportunities out there.

“The exposure increase, in particular, allows us to support larger scale portfolio landlords with their financing needs across a range of products and we will be working closely with our intermediary partners to develop this market.

“Following so closely after the funding agreement announcement, it really shows how the business is making very positive steps with real intent to grow.

“Our BTL offering is growing and being received really well in the market.

“We believe the blend of strong products and criteria, aligned with property sector expertise and a real commitment to customer service, should enable us to really support the sector this year.”

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