West One places first second charge case

Jessica Nangle

September 20, 2017

West One Loans has placed its first case of its second charge proposition through master broker, Pink Pig Loans.

Pink Pig Loans approached West One with a self-employed client looking for £100,000 to fund home improvements on their £1.5m home.

Within 10 working days, West One agreed the loan after assessing income and affordability.

Marie Grundy (pictured), sales director at West One Loans, said: “This is an important milestone in the development of our long-term lending.

“Our proposition is built upon West One’s solid reputation for taking time to understand individual borrowers’ needs, meaning we can cater for borrowers who require a bespoke approach to lending.”

The lender piloted second charge mortgages earlier in the year and has now extended its distribution through master broker partners.

James Rainbird, managing director of Pink Pig Loans, added: “It’s a pleasure to be able to complete the first of West One’s second charge mortgages following their launch to the wider market.”

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