When do you think interest rates will go up

Nia Williams

April 13, 2011

For the past month we’ve carried out a poll on our home page asking when you think rates may go up. With the news that inflation dropped in March, we are asking the same question again to see if your views have changed.

So go to the Mortgage Introducer home page and vote in our poll to give us your opinion. We will give you the results next month.

The results of our March survey, carried out up to last Thursday’s Bank base rate decision, showed that nearly two fifths of you believe the Bank base rate will stay on hold until the second half of this year.

Just 4% of our readers were proved wrong last week after saying they thought the Bank of England would increase the base rate in April.

A fifth of you said you think rates will rise next month however. A further 6% voted for a June rise, and 8% of you said we’d see movement upwards in July.

A significant number of you – 23% – didn’t think the Monetary Policy Committee will raise rates until next year.

But have you changed your mind? Go and vote now in the poll and we will let you know next month if your opinion matches the rest of your industry.

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