When You Move launches

Mortgage Introducer

January 14, 2016

When You Move, the UK’s first technology-led conveyancing service, officially launched today.

Co-founded by serial technology entrepreneur Peter Goodman and managing director Simon Bath, When You Move’s proprietary cloud software platform and mobile app give estate agents, brokers and consumers full visibility of conveyancing status in real time.

Bath said: “At When You Move, we know that delays and unhappy customers impact upon agents’ and brokers’ bottom lines. When You Move is the only truly technology-first conveyancing business, combining years of legal expertise with industry-leading technology to place customer service and efficiency at the heart of everything we do.

“Our innovative dashboard and consumer-facing mobile app ensure that conveyancing jobs are completed efficiently, with proactive status updates – for you and the customer – every step of the way. Our partners will never be in the dark over status or projected completion times again.”

And he added: “The conveyancing market is ripe for an overhaul. As an industry, we need to look at where we’re failing consumers and look at how technology can help solve those problems.

“We want to become the conveyancing partner of choice for agents and brokers, by combining the best of the profession with industry-leading technology to deliver top quality customer service and rapid turnaround times.”

Simon Marzell, director at Insight Private Finance, said: “The way conveyancers operate is very self-centred. They don’t understand the process and are bogged down with what they’re trying to achieve. They don’t see the process around what happens and drag their feet… I’m hoping When You Move changes it.”

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