Wolsey Securities comments on residential development market

Amanda Jarvis

April 26, 2006

Smaller developers have increased their overall market share of new housebuilding and have an increasing role to play in meeting Government targets for new homes. The top 25 housebuilders’ share of the market dropped to 53% last year from close to 60% in 2003 and this gap is being filled by smaller regional housebuilders with their greater degree of flexibility.

Wolsey Securities aim to demonstrate how it can support these developers taking on projects outside of their funding capacity, or where they choose to use their capital elsewhere.

Mark Higgins, marketing director at Wolsey Securities commented: “Interbuild provides an ideal opportunity for us to present ourselves to the small and medium sized developer at one of the UK’s leading building events of the year. By providing up to 100% financing, Wolsey can meet the needs of the ambitious housebuilders who want to see their business grow.”

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