Women are the most important for healthcare

Nia Williams

September 7, 2010

The findings also suggest one in four mums (24%) are concerned that changes to public sector financing will have a detrimental effect on their overall family health expenditure, increasing the need to take matters into their own hands.

The latest Bothered Britain Report, commissioned by health provider, Simplyhealth, reflects the attitudes of the nation with contributing analysis from established, independent health policy analyst and social commentator, Roy Lilley.

Following recent publicity about the coalition Government’s plans for its ‘Big Society’ and future health provision, mums have been quick to respond. With 50% saying they will be paying greater attention to their children’s daily diet and 40% saying that regular exercise holds the key to the future health of their child.

The research also highlights that there is still work to be done communicating some of the proposed changes to Government health policy, with only 37% of people aware of any specific plans. Worries about the cost of future healthcare also come at a time when 52% of people are feeling stressed about making ends meet.

Roy Lilley said: “At the heart of the family, the role of the mum is vital. This survey tells us that families are much more concerned about the future health of their family than we might have thought.

“At times like this health comes into sharp focus and parents are conscious not to slip into convenience living and short cuts that impact on our health and wellbeing.”

James Glover from Simplyhealth said: “Once again health is at the top of people’s priorities with our Bothered index. However, due to the economic situation there is also a financial pressure associated with being able to maintain this both now and in the future. Mums are, more than ever, taking on the role of matriarch and they are the ones who will guide families to a healthier future”

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