Woolwich offers 24-hour case tracking

Nia Williams

December 16, 2009

David Finlay, Woolwich intermediary business director, said: “Where would we be without a world of 24 hour communications. When brokers apply for a mortgage on behalf of their client, they need to be able to see how things are going regardless of the time of day or date. For example our IntroTrack system sent out over a thousand automatic email alerts last year in the Christmas week telling brokers when their cases progressed.

“No-one wants to wait for information so the systems are designed with that in mind, offering a transparent end-to-end service meaning brokers can give real-time updates to their clients at the touch of a button whenever they require it.”

IntroTrack enables brokers to access information giving them a 360 degree view of all their Woolwich applications in one place, and alerts them whenever an application reaches either a milestone or a problem. It helps with the paperwork, giving access to case histories, creating an audit trail of progress at critical stages including when the application is received, credit scored, post received and verified to offer going out and case completing. It puts brokers on the frontfoot as they automatically get alerted when they need to chase clients for more information.

”Our guide is designed to help brokers get the best out of our Intro Track system and follows on from others in the series such as general advice on applying for a Woolwich mortgage, specific tips on using Woolwich’s online mortgage system MAX,” said Finlay.

Brokers can access Intro Track through www.woolwichintermediaries.co.uk using their existing MAX user id and password.

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