Working around the World Cup

Paul Hunt

July 9, 2018

I am writing this latest blog whilst watching Uruguay vs France and to be honest, the last few weeks has meant my work schedule (and personal life mostly too) has been set around important matches.

I’m sure I’m not alone (especially amongst those of us lucky enough to work for ourselves), but it has led to missing a few calls which could have resulted in losing or in the best case, just delaying, potential work.

Is this happening in your business? Probably yes, as although we are a nation of football supporters, there are many people who don’t and so will be carrying out their business as normal and expect us all to do the same.

However, there are a few ways that you can continue to serve your customers and still watch the remaining games.

More and more companies use webchat on their websites and this can reduce telephone traffic (allowing you to have the volume on the TV), plus also allow you to capture leads more effectively. It also enables you to provide some form of out of hours service potentially.

Call Back
One of my clients said to me this week that when they adopted call back on their website, they immediately saw an increase in leads, as many of those customers would have simply gone elsewhere or not done anything. It also enables you to manage calls, as outbound calls are much easier to do this for than inbound.

If the above enables you to watch more games whilst still serving your clients, my work is done.

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