World Cup memories?

Jeff Knight

May 31, 2018

Jeff Knight is director of marketing at Foundation Home Loans

Hot on the tails of a disappointing Champions League final, I started to think about the World Cup which is nearly upon us, helped by the fact our fantasy football challenge is now alive and kicking.

For me, all I would ask for is something to cheer about and something to remember in the future. It has been a while since I was jumping for joy whilst watching England at a World Cup and some of my best memories are starting to fade. I guess the last exciting moment was eight years ago when Frank Lampard wrongly had a goal disallowed against Germany, who then went on to easily beat England.

Of course, there is the memorable Michael Owen goal against Argentina with David Beckham being sent off in the same match, plus the redemption four years later from the spot followed by 44 tense minutes wondering if we were going to beat Brazil. There’s also David Platt’s last-minute goal at the Belgium versus Italy game in 1990 and of course Paul Gascoigne’s tears. And who can forget Gary Lineker’s hat-trick at the 1986 tournament?

Then there are memories of anguish, such as Kevin Keegan’s missed header in the England versus Spain in 1982 or Diego Maradonna’s amazing goal, or the penalties during the tournaments in 1990, 1998 and 2006.

All I ask for this year, is a great tournament where we get some exciting moments involving England and some memories (good or bad) so we all have something to remember and can celebrate football for the wonderful sport it is.

So, what are your favorite memories from past World Cups?

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