Xperience: Hybrid IT solutions needed to address security concerns

Jake Carter

August 2, 2021

platform digital

Hybrid IT solutions will become more popular as a result of a series of warnings from the Bank of England (BoE), according to technology resource supplier Xperience.

The prediction follows the BoE warning that cloud computing providers to the financial sector can be secretive, causing a risk to cyber security.

The BoE stated: “That concentrated power can manifest itself in the form of secrecy, opacity, not providing customers with the sort of information they need to monitor the risk in the service.”

The BoE’s warning comes at the same time as the USA blamed and indicted China for its alleged cyber-attack on Microsoft, which affected thousands of individuals and businesses in the US.

Xperience has predicted a significant move towards hybrid IT, where businesses use a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, and public cloud services, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

This typically involves a connection from an on-premises data centre to a private or public cloud.

Iain O’Kane, managing director of Xperience, said: “In the pandemic we saw many organisations seek out the logistical advantages in cloud services.

“But the Bank of England has made plain the risks apparent when storing data with companies whose lack of transparency may be in conflict with their regulatory requirements.

“The risk management issue is further compounded by the alleged politically motivated attack on high profile international technology companies.

“Every UK business should have appropriate risk management in place, especially if the business is regulated.

“It is crucial that in the selection process that your chosen cloud partner is transparent in how they manage your data.

“For those organisations that want the flexibility of on-premise and cloud – a hybrid cloud service not only reduces risk through improved security and compliance it also offers greater flexibility and scalability in these uncertain times – it also provides simplified costs, so a business only pays for what it uses.”

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