Y3S refreshes brand

Ryan Bembridge

January 11, 2016

Secured loan packager Y3S has rebranded with a new logo, mission statement and website as it looks to put customer service at the centre of its offering.

At the same time Y3S has increased the speed of its in house sourcing system, which currently has 6,000 users.

Matt Cottle, joint chief executive of the Cardiff-based firm, said: “Previously the focus was on being the leading intermediary in the UK but now it’s on providing the best customer service with supporting technology.

“We act more like a start-up than a 14 year-old finance business, but nevertheless, the firm has grown up and we wanted to reflect our coming of age, albeit without losing our sense of fun.

“The new logo concentrates on the Y with its three points representing us, the lender and the most important aspect being the intermediary, highlighted in a lighter blue and joining the relationship at the median point.”

Y3S worked with Bluegg Creative for the rebrand.

Bluegg’s creative director Tom Lloyd said: “For the current evolution, Bluegg focussed on the firm’s brand values of speed of service, fairness, compliance and their love of a good challenge.

“The idea was to bring all of these elements into constant visibility for the staff in a vibrant environment true to their origins.  Y3S are pleased with the result and therefore so are we.”

Y3S Group consists of Y3S Loans, Y3S Bridging & Commercial and Chaseblue Loans.

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