YBS Commercial returns to 75% LTV on limited company buy-to-let

Ryan Fowler

June 17, 2020

YBS Commercial Mortgages has returned its pre-lockdown maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 75% for limited company buy-to-let facilities.

This applies to all existing YBS Commercial Mortgages customers who have been with the society for three years or more and borrowing up to £20m.

New customers will also have access to the increased 75% LTV ratio for borrowing up to £5. In addition, for new customers borrowing at 65% LTV, the maximum loan amount has increased from £5million to £15million.

Tom Simpson, managing director at YBS Commercial Mortgages, said: “At a time when the economy is under pressure, we’re committed to supporting our existing and new customers and changing our lending criteria back to pre-lockdown levels show that we are taking confident action.

“Our plans to expand the business are still on track, we have remained open for business during these challenging times and our commitment to be a stable, long-term lending partner for borrowers has not faltered.”

“We have more changes planned for our Llmited company buy-to-let products throughout the year to suit the needs of sector-specific borrowers.

“We operate a personal service model that allows us to tailor loans to suit the individual needs of our borrowers and I am looking forward to seeing these products support our customers when they launch later this year.”

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