YESBOX applications reach 100

Kay McLellan

June 9, 2006

The suite gives them their own website with on-line application forms, press advertising templates, leaflets, front office posters and mailers.

YES provides the ‘white label’ YESBOX tools to registered intermediaries who choose between four different designs personalised for their own business with their own logos, colour schemes and contact details.

Commercial director Matt Cottle said: “This fills a need for brokers wanting a total solution to upgrade their secured loans marketing operations. In our first week of making YESBOX available we have had six websites ordered and three are already up and running. Now we have had over 100 applications and have 26 new websites up and running.

“Only 20 percent of our registered brokers have websites, so this is a brilliant way the other 80 per cent can get an online marketing presence that they can buy off the shelf but which is individually branded and reflects their values. This is the hottest thing to have happened in secured loans for ages.”

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