Yorkshire reduce MPI rates

Nia Williams

March 2, 2011

Rates for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment at 30 day excess, YBS’ most popular product, will drop from £6.06 to £5.56 per month for every £100 of cover. Rates for Accident and Sickness cover are also reduced, and existing customers with Unemployment Only cover will see lower premiums too.

Commenting on the new prices, relationship manager from Yorkshire Building Society, Stephen Brownett-Gale said; “In the current climate our members need to know that we are working hard to ensure they are getting value for money. These cuts to premiums show our commitment to that.

“Someone for example with our ASU30 product with a monthly benefit of £900 would save £54 per year, or £4.50 each month. With living costs on the up, this saving will certainly help our members balance their home budgets.”

The new rates will be affective across the Yorkshire and Chelsea brands.

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