Yorkshire’s flexibility benefits all

Amanda Jarvis

September 20, 2002

The new policy, which was introduced eighteen months ago, provides lots of opportunities for staff to balance their work life with their home life. Schemes such as compressed hours, where individuals work the same number of hours in fewer days, flexitime, where start and finish times vary, and home working, avoiding the ever growing lengthy commute each day, are just some examples.

John Davies, General Manager, Human Resources at Yorkshire Building Society said, “Working nine to five no longer suits a large proportion of our employees, so flexible working patterns were introduced to allow staff to take control of when and how they work whilst still meeting the business needs. Employees can now ensure that work does not dominate their lives, health and relationships, which gives us a happier, and therefore more productive, workforce.”

The Society was granted £25,000 from the Department of Education and Employment’s Challenge Fund to help set up the flexible working scheme. Since its implementation the Society has had great results with around 25% more new mums now returning to work after maternity leave, reduced staff absenteeism and a significant reduction in stress related absence. It is also considered that the flexible working opportunities help Yorkshire to attract the best quality staff when recruiting and then retain these employees.

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