YouGov: Homeowners undeterred by bamboo

Jake Carter

March 16, 2020

Only one in ten (9%) of homeowners in the UK would avoid planting bamboo because of the damage it can cause to buildings, according to YouGov.

However bamboo is more harmful than the notorious Japanese knotweed, YouGov suggests.

Less than a third, 29%, of those surveyed outlined that they would avoid planning bamboo due to its invasive nature.

Bamboo can spread more than 30ft from the root beneath the ground.

Despite this, the majority of those in the survey would still consider planting bamboo, with the top reasons outlined as they believe it to be beautiful/attractive (26%), low maintenance (24%) and good for creating privacy where a garden is overlooked (21%).

Of those who said that had already planted bamboo, 25% highlighted that they were not given any professional advice about it at the same time.

Nic Seal, founder and managing director of Environet, said: “This research shows there is very little knowledge among the general public about the true nature of this problem plant.

“Bamboo may look beautiful but people should be very careful to avoid running types and take precautions when planting any bamboo, such as ensuring they’re using specialist root barriers.

“Awareness of the invasive nature of Japanese knotweed has grown significantly in recent years but the biggest worry is that people are still buying and planting bamboo in gardens across the UK, completely oblivious to the risks.”

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