Do young people dream of electric sheep?

Paul Hunt

February 26, 2018

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant

At a meeting last week, we discussed at length whether product guides should only be available online and no longer be provided as printed copies (we also had a debate about business cards, but I’ll leave this one for another time).

I argued that as the average age of a mortgage broker is probably 40+, then the option of paper still has merit and my view is that the digital age should be about choice, not reducing options as to how people consume information.

This has relevance when thinking about your customers, as one size won’t fit all and using a variety of tools to promote your business (both electronic and not) will give you a greater chance of reaching a wider audience.

However, we should not only think about lead generation activities, but also once you have seen a customer what should be given to them and how. From experience in a large estate agency network with 500+ mortgage consultants, this is very important and can have an impact on conversion rates.

I recommend that you periodically do an audit of the documents you provide to customers and if you feel comfortable, ask customers for their views, as this will really be invaluable and I would suggest that you do this at least annually.

You should never assume that older people like printed documents and young people want everything digitally, it pays to ask.

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